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The new face of China.

The old face of China.

Well that wasn't too bad, even managed to negotiate my way around the Metro System and avoid the inevitable hotel touts at the train station.

Somehow I have mangaed to get myself to the "baby-buying capital of China". The streets around here are full of Americans pushing newly adopted Chinese babies around in Strollers (push-chairs) and looking very proud of themselves. To be honest I'm not sure if it's sad, sick or just plain bizarre, I have to feel sorry for some of the kids, when they find out what monstrosities of parents they have found I think they'll want to come straight back. I saw one woman who must have been 40 stone, I wonder why she couldn't have her own baby?

I'll also found out why I see so few sharks when I'm diving, I've seen more sharks fins today than I'll ever see in a lifetime of diving.

One the bright side I do actually like China so far, the people I've had to deal with have been very friendly the rest just ignore you. I remember making some comment about South Americans not understanding the concept of shade in hot places, well fortunately the Chinese do.

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