Don't miss this place for incredible ribs and brisket ..

They smoke the meats for hours in the smoker, it was the...

We bought a rack of ribs for take home..

Plus a pound of the brisket..

Don't miss this one, we highly recommend it to our readers..

Last one!

We didn't do a lot today, it snowed about an inch so we just relaxed for a day. We did manage to go out and pick up some bbq for dinner. We had eaten at the Tonopah BBQ place the last time we visited the town and loved it. This is one we highly recommend to all our readers, they have the BEST ribs and brisket we have ever eaten anywhere. They slow cook all their meats in a huge smoker all day. We bought a take out of brisket and a rack of ribs, now wishing we had tried the chicken and turkey too. :-) We will be on the road again in the morning, making our way to Las Vegas. Check back later for more from our drive to Vegas.

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