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At the end of the day we hear the men hacking trees...

We took a slip for one day at Texas Bay to charge...


El Viajero, a large restaurant just down the river

The Texas Bay launcha docked at El Viajero

More birds for me to try to identify


Our cute slip at TB

The phone booth

or where we go to get a cell phone signal at TB

Back to town for provisions before we leave the country

Saying good-bye to Jim and Jeanie on Oasis

Decked out for the holidays

We'll have to wait till next year to see the finished product.

Thurs Dec 6th Heading into the gorge of the famous Rio Dulce

Bye birdie bye bye






We anchored in Livingston to check out

Our agent Raul Veliz's office


Livington, a funky little "Island" type town

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

(MP4 - 16.22 MB)

Dinner out with the gang from Texan Bay

(MP4 - 17.54 MB)

Adios Rio Dulce

We joined the exodus of cruising vessels leaving the Rio on a schedule that quite accidentally copied that of last year's departure and we both felt that we were leaving a different Rio than the one we left a year ago. We took on fuel and provisions and headed back to Texan Bay to wait for the weather window. Thurs morning, one last check of the weather sites and we were off. We anchored briefly in Livingston for check out with Raul, our agent who had all our documents ready from information we had emailed him the day before. He has a kid working for him now who bikes up the hill to get the passports stamped, streamlining the process even further. A quick brunch, well ok not quick but a delicious one at a Garifuna restaurant. Pancakes for John and tai curry vegetables for me. By 11:30 a.m. We had crossed the bar and were out into the Gulf of Honduras. Hola Mother Ocean!

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