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the neighborhood

Although we are camped at The Great Outdoors here in Titusville, for many folks this is home year round. Living arrangements vary from the low end executive suite that we just purchased to million dollar homes and everything in between. We love the amenities and the friendly atmosphere. This part of Florida is not very built up and nature makes its presence known regularly. When we have been here in the winter it's been so pleasant, I have wondered if it would be a good idea to move here full time. Many of the residents are from the north and settled here after initial camping experiences. But the weather here in June when we bought our new lot as well as now has put that idea right out of my head. Today it was 97ยบ and so humid I could hardly breathe. Any thoughts I had of playing tennis or a round of golf or a bike ride quickly evaporated, if anything around here could really evaporate. Friends have told us that the breeze from the ocean makes things bearable, but right now the wind is from the west and toasty. That weather pattern may have something to do with Hurricane Florence chugging along further north.

We headed to town to buy a few cleaning supplies for the new suite and duplicate the keys and it all was so familiar, it almost felt like home. We knew exactly where to go and the fact that few snowbirds have arrived here yet was noticeable in town as well as in TGO. No standing in line anywhere and clerks with plenty of time to chat. Retail opportunities have been limited here compared to what we are used to at home, but things have improved in that regard since we stayed here last two years ago. The space industry has been the primary economic driver here and as Elon Musk keeps firing rockets and retrieving them, the whole area feels far more optimistic.

It sounds like my Carolina family has made it through the worst of the hurricane with wind and lots of rain, but nothing catastrophic. I'm so sad we had to leave early and so glad that we did. A bad storm is easier to endure in a stick-built home rather than one that rocks and rolls, even one as sturdy as ours.

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