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Date: June 28, 2017

Weather: rain/storm/hail/micro-burst of wind

Temperature: start 48º

High 71º

Wildlife count:

Year List: 329


Much of our morning was spent getting planned for the 4th, when Talon Tuesday at 2 will begin, and Natalie will have her holiday.

At 11, we met to prepare for the children’s activities for the afternoon. Following, Jean and Stacia joined us for lunch out on Bert’s Bench in the sunshine – at least for the first part of the lunch. Black clouds built as we finished eating, and we all headed indoors to see how we might help with the local artisan’s booths, which were set up on the lawn. As no one was in the children’s activities, John and I went out to help the local vendors. A micro-burst of wind and rain and hail struck quickly. We were left holding a canopy over a pottery stand. I got soaked, and John ran in to get boxes to allow folks to pack up their wares. It was an interesting hour. A huge portion of a tree in the front yard fell, but thankfully didn’t damage any booths nor hurt anyone.

Once back indoors, we had 66 children involved in the crafts, where we helped children make wolf puppets – all had a great time.

We relaxed for a few minutes outdoors, when another storm came through sending us indoors. Dinner was a salad and pizza. Our evening program was on bear safety. It was a very busy day!

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