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Rugged coastline

All the via ducts (bridges) are named and look pretty much the...

Farmers fields

I smile whenever I see this fellow dancing on the piano keys.

Bill was pretty sure that Jack and Susan were following us for...

Another inlet

Gijon on Market day.

Pretty street

Sandy inlet

They are all over

Finally, Camping Tauran

Our pitch

View up

and down the rugged coastline

Saturday, August 22

No large cities to get lost in today. We proceeded up the coast on a mixture of coastal roads and highways just enjoying the ocean views and the countryside.

The only challenge we had was going through Gijon because it was market day and we were trying to find a campsite on our own!!!!!

We managed to navigate the town and over the bridge and a hard right took us up a steep walled one-way street or rather we were hoping it was; no one came toward us! Sharp right turn down another city street, and another left and it should be just ahead. It was but there was a sign reading “Complet”.

OK I was able to find an easier route back to town but we still had to navigate the market crowd; they just abandoned their vehicles, even double parking them, it must have been some market, and up the other side of the cove.

Where could the next campground, be lurking?? Further down the road we noticed a campground sign pointing toward the water – 3 km. We figure why not and kept following the signs even though the road proceeded to get narrower and narrower.

About 6 km later we found Camping Tauran and thankfully they had room. This little campground was full of tenters but they were quite enough, especially when the rain started! We spent some more frustrating time on the phone trying to purchase the map of Spain for our Tom -Tom to no avail. I am going to pull my hair out over this, I swear!

Although we didn’t have an ocean view the campground was on the water and we enjoyed a pretty spectacular coastline, before turning in for the night.

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