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On Danny's wish list of things to do was to have a cuddle with a Koala. Luckily for us the koala park was vaguely in the direction of John's mums so he dropped us off on his way. We got to the park just as it was opening and was rewarded with getting to see the koalas having breakfast. When not eating eucalyptus the lazy gits sleep for up to 20 hours of the day. We were lucky to see lots of activity when we first arrived but in no time at all they were curling up into a ball and nodding off. Two of the koalas had baby joeys in their pouches and the koala keeper let us have a peek whilst diverting Matilda the koala's attention with breakfast. The joeys spend around 6 months in the pouch, this crop should be fully dependent of their mother in around a month. In the mean time they venture out a few times each day.

We spent ages feeding the koalas and stroking their unbelievably soft fur. Didn't get to cuddle them though because we were too tight to pay another $25 for the privlige and in any event their claws looked sharp. Paranoid Japanese tourists wouldn't even touch them. How could they resist?

Lots of other animals were roaming around freely. I was a little scared of the bird brained emus but had a good laugh when I realised the freaky pelicans were the boss of them and wouldn't let them anywhere near the food.

Used all our kangaroo food up feeding a little wallaby who then kept badgering us for more after he had scoffed the lot. Kangaroos weren't interested in eating the food anyway as they were too busy lounging around and washing themselves.

There was a huge aviary full of tropical birds that we could have entered to feed fruit. I was too chicken to go in, but Danny gave it a go only to return seconds later when all the birds divebombed his head. Yuk.

John picked us up again and we went back to Fremantle to check out the Maritime Museum that we missed out on our last visit. Half the museum was shut off for maintenance so they were letting visitors in for free. Afterwards we watched a presentation by a local artist called Sarah Jane Pell who has spent five years developing a way of performing underwater with bird like wings attached to her arms. Very bizarre. I really don't understand modern art. Her next project is in the UK so you have been warned.

Day 112 complete

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