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Hong Kong from Kowloon at night.

Chinese flag flies below HSBC Building.

The Peak Tram.

The Backside of Hong Kong Island.

Central at night.

The best I could do with the fireworks.

At last a sunny day.

Convention Centre and Central Plaza.

From the Star Ferry.

Back in Hong Kong for the first time since the handover, it was the Eighth anniversary yesterday. It has changed in a few ways, there are more and taller buildings than ever popping up and the rate of land reclaimation makes me thing that crossing the harbour will be a decent long jump soon. The pace of life seems to have slowed dramatically since the handover, what used to be the most frantic place I'd ever been to now plods along at a standard asian pace. You can still buy just about anything here and electronic goods are still a great bargain, I'm seriously tempted to buy a laptop but am restraining myself at the moment. My passport is now at the Chinese embassy waiting to get my visa, in the mean time there is a friendly dorm and plenty of beer to drink, the biggest and most popular bar chain here is apparently 7-11, where everyone buys their drinks and hangs around in or outside it drinking until building up the courage to face the prices in the mainstream bars.

I was extremely p'd off last night, after taking the tram up Victoria peak and taking the obligatory day and night shots of Hong Kong it started to rain heavily so we (I'd bumped into Narada) went back down. Just as we got back into central the fireworks for the handover anniversary started. What would have been a great Kodak moment from up on the peak with fireworks from the top of all the tall buildings wasn't very good looking straight up from below.

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