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Sundance kid has been spotted!

and there goes Cassidy with the loot.

Those are very big slabs of rock

Can you humm the tune from "For a few dollars more"? Returning...



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Tupiza was a fun town to spend Christmas. The scenery is straight out of a western movie. Actually, it's about 40 km from the town where Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid supposedly ended their careers (due to gunshot wounds). After recovering from the previous day stranded in the middle of no where, we did a 3 hour tour of the area on horseback. At first I was a little nervous but it was clear that horses were used to having tourists on their backs. The only drawback was that they refused to be steered - their attitude was that they knew the route better than we did. That was mostly fine but mine kept stopping for snacks at every available bush, and once even took me through a thorny tree. Charlie's horse was very competitive - any time my horse tried to pass him it would veer off and try to push me into more thorny trees. (This is where the inability to steer them came in play - no matter what I did it tried to block Michelle's horse at all costs. I swear. Charlie) Somehow I escaped unscratched and for the return trip got a different horse. (By this time it was no surprise that we came across the same English couple we did the Uyuni tour and the Potosi tour with, which made us all laugh, with some jokes about who was stalking who.) We did most of the 3 hours at a walk but a few times did some trotting (very hard on the butt) and I even went a little faster once. I wasn't controlling the pace though, my horse just had a first gear and a third gear and switched whenever it wanted. Anyway, it was the perfect way to see the scenery of red rocks, cacti, small pools and that blue, blue sky.

Christmas night the other English lady from our tour and her friend had a small get together at their hotel's pool with other travellers. Although I missed being with my family on Christmas, it was a nice way to spend the holiday drinking champagne punch by the pool.

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