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Usually the phrase "use it or lose it" refers to muscles and body fitness. But it is clear that this is also true in the inanimate world. One of our motor home slide walls always refuses to go in or out when we first begin a trip. This gives me heart palpitations since we cannot move when it is out. We've had it repaired, but after the motor home sits for a few months, it happens again. Luckily, Ken has learned how to hot-wire the slide and he crawls into the motor home's basement and I have to shout to let him know when the wall has reached the desired position. After a few days of driving the slide wall heals itself and works just as it is supposed to.

We have a similar problem with the washing machine. I get constant error codes during the first few loads. I beat it with my fists. Ken flips the electricity breakers and switches the water from exterior hose to interior water pump. He has to take all his clothes out of the closet to get at the panel behind the washer and wiggles the wires and hoses. It's still not clear why, but eventually all is right with the world and it works perfectly. We are going to go away for six weeks this fall and I 'll be disappointed but not surprised if it starts getting balky again after we return.

Usually our first trip of the season occurs right after Ken takes the anti-freeze from winter out of the water lines, but this year we went to the Indiana Dunes in June to try to avoid some of the problems I just mentioned and he de-winterized then. We left some fresh water in the tank and after a hot and humid August, the water tasted like pond sludge. It didn't make us sick, but even after I washed my hair that "eau d'algae" aroma was still there. Yuck! Over time that problem seems to have solved itself, too.

Guess we'll have to keep moving.

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