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Friday, August 21

Another interesting day was ahead for us! Who has time to enjoy the scenery when your eyes are glued to the map or highway signs?

I did notice the country side around us was lush and green, with periodic forests and fields of cattle corn growing.

A range of mountains could be seen occasionally in the distance.

Blinders are on; ignore the signs to Vitoria, Burgos and Bilbao we are headed to Santander.

With supreme confidence I felt I knew what I was doing until I realized we were heading to downtown Santander right to the busy harbour front. There was nowhere to turn around so we just kept driving waiting for a miracle. This was one occasion where I really wished I knew what the road signs meant.

To put it mildly this was a bit of a nightmare. We were right downtown on narrow streets with pedestrians and cyclists weaving in and around us. I saw a sign that said blah, blah, blah, Salida de Ciudad. I yelled take the next right and pray. It worked out for us although other than leaving the city we didn’t know where we were headed. As it turned out I was able, once the terror level in the vehicle had reached a manageable level, figure out that we were paralleling the thru way AND headed west, so all was good.

At Torrelavega, we were able to find the coastal route which led us to Camping El Helguero just shy of Comillas.

Again we were grateful to stop for the night after another exhausting day of driving and navigating. It was 4:30 pm and although the kitchen was closed until 8 pm the cook agreed to fix us something to eat.

At 11:00 pm the people beside us started to prepare their evening meal. That didn't bother me but why does ever word out of their mouths have to be said so loudly and with so much passion.

Bill and I whisper in our coach in an effort not to disturb anyone.

By 12:30 am the yelling had stopped and the children put to bed.

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