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Being entertained by cousin Abel

Touring the MCG

Dreaming of running up the race on the last Saturday in September!

Remembering the premiership years, in the National Sports Museum


Well, Melbourne has really delivered again, in a number of ways.

Most of all it's once again given us a great place to stay (at Naomi and Choi's) with comfortable beds, warm showers and exceptional company; as well as the chance to spend some more time catching up with Jo and Andrew and Abel.

It's also delivered some of its trademark changeable weather. Getting off the boat on Monday morning we were met with a warm day which turned into a hot 35 degrees and by today it was wet and windy and the coldest December day in eight or nine years ... Ah Melbourne!

Monday was a very quiet day, trying to catch a little of the sleep we'd missed the night before on the boat.

By Tuesday we were ready for a little more action. Sal took the kids and went to do some shopping - a new mattress for us in Old Bess (exciting!) and some clothes for the kids. Then it was on to the indoor swimming pool where they spent a couple of hours running themselves ragged. In the meantime I caught the bus into the city and headed for the MCG where I spent the afternoon doing an MCG tour followed by a couple of hours browsing the National Sports Museum. It's something I'd been really keen to do and I wasn't disappointed - there's so much interesting sporting info there to absorb.

With these late daylight saving bedtimes we're also generally having pretty late starts in the morning. Yesterday was another day when we didn't get out of the house until after lunch, heading back to the museum where we'd been before our Tasmania trip, to use the IMAX tickets we'd got then. We saw Tornado Alley, a documentary about some storm chasers in the US and everyone enjoyed the show without feeling sick (never a sure thing when it comes to 3D cinema, I feel). A little aimless after this, we ended up in Lygon Street at an amazing Italian patisserie called Bocellis consuming afternoon tea treats.

Today, in the cold and wet, we ventured down to the Queen Vic markets, mainly because I'd read that there were some cheap places nearby to get a haircut. A couple of hours later, when the whole family had had their hair cut for $70 we were well pleased! After this we headed out to Jo and Andrew's place and spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out with them (and the always entertaining Abel) and eating yummy curry.

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