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Glenda Alexander with Belated Birthday Cake

Glenda Alexander (Photo by Linda Seelke)

Glenda Alexander and Margaret Crow (Photo by Linda Seelke)

This afternoon I had an epidural injection in my lower back on the left side of the lumbar spine. The doctor inserted the needle in several places, two of which caused pain to shoot down my left leg, which indicates that he hit at least two of the affected nerves. I certainly hope this will give me some relief. Because I had declined sedation for the procedure, I was able to drive myself home with no problem. A follow-up appointment is scheduled for May 15.

The River Ranch Radiology nurse called me this afternoon to schedule my myelogram and CT scan for this Thursday. (This is the procedure that the spinal surgeon wants me to have before he makes his decision regarding the need for surgery.) For this procedure I will have to fast four hours beforehand and will have to have someone drive me home. Then I’ll have to lie down for six hours. Two friends will help me with the transportation. Martha Boswell will take me to the doctor’s office and Linda Seelke will take me back home. It’s so nice to have such wonderful people in my circle of friends.

Tonight my home group gave me a belated birthday party. Linda made her delicious jalapeño pie as well as a good bundt cake with chocolate icing. She sent some of the cake home with me.

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