What Is Happening with Daisy 2012 travel blog

Bruce Woodall with Birthday Cake

Janie, Stu, Donette, Val, Sibyl, Jeanette, Ethel and Bruce

Jeanette, Ethel, Bruce, Jack, Janie, Stu, Donette and Val

Club House

Live Oak Tree Beside Club House

Gazebo - Bruce, Ruth and Jack

Gazebo - Ethel, Janie, Donette and Stu

Gazebo - Val and Jeanette

View from Gazebo


This morning I caught up on a few minor chores while waiting for my RV buds to arrive. This time there are only eleven of us. In spite of the small number, we had an excellent potluck dinner. Bruce Woodall’s birthday was the only one to celebrate this month. After dinner we played table games.


At our business meeting this afternoon we discussed several options to consider for trips in November. The one that was most interesting to me was Branson, Missouri. We will make our decision next month. Tonight we had dinner at the Lakehouse Restaurant in Kerrville.


Today some of us just hung around the clubhouse and visited. We had a lot of catching up to do because it had been three months since we had seen each other. This afternoon we had a discussion about GPS units. Those who already have them provided good insight for the rest of us. I plan to buy one someday and have already done some research on them.

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