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Diamond Tooth Gertie's review

This is not the Top of the World Hwy - it's the...

The Klondike River

Some of the road construction today

But we had great views - this s Gravel Lake - our...

This guy decided he'd better get off the road quick!

Starting to see Fall colours in the roadside bushes & trees

Views of the Yukon River & Five Fingers rapids

That little sign is warning us of bumps in the road

Home for the nite along the Yukon River at Carmacks

Braeburn - "world famous" cinnamon buns & Yukon Quest check point

The Stewart River - a major tributary of the Yukon River

Historic roadhouse on the Overland Trail

Fox Lake - 1998 forest fire

Miner Range of mtns - named to honour the Yukon miners

Lake Laberge in distance - "...that night on the marge of Lake...

Home in Whitehorse for this week

Well, we did go back to Diamond Tooth Gertie's our last night in DC. It was an almost entirely different cast & we thought it was a better show. We were out way past our bedtime since we went to the 10:30 show & didn't get home until almost midnight.

We didn't wake up too early the next morning so got a late start. The roads were pretty bad - lots of construction & some frost heaves - but we enjoyed the scenery. We were too tired (late nite before ya know!) to push on to Whitehorse so we stopped for the night in Carmacks. We stayed at the Carmacks Hotel - which has rv spots right next to the Yukon River. It was a lovely place to spend the night & the least expensive place we've stayed - other than boondocking - for awhile.

We had a short drive today so didn't hurry getting ready to move on this morning. We took Callie for a long walk on the boardwalk along the Yukon River before we took off. We saw one of the roadhouses between Whitehorse & Dawson City. During the summer the paddlewheelers transported freight & mail between these cities. The rest of the year the Royal Mail stage ran along the Overland Trail. Roadhouses were located at least every 20 miles along the route, offering a change of horses, a warm room or bunk & a meal. What we don't understand is that the stages were open wagons & sleighs. With -40 temps you'd think they would have enclosed them!

We stopped at Braeburn, which was also on the Overland Trail, for their "world famous" cinnamon buns (there seem to be a lot of those in the North) & discovered that it's a check point for the Yukon Quest sled dog race every Feb. We saw the record of the 2013 race - musher/teams arrivals & departures - in the restaurant. (Wonder if the mushers get cinnamon buns when they check in during the race?) The cinnamon buns are the size of a dinner plate! We bought 1, had it cut into 4 pieces, enjoyed 1/2 for lunch & saved the other 1/2 for breakfast tomorrow. These were yummy - much better than the last "world famous" cinnamon buns we had. Ha!

We traveled beside a number of rivers - the Klondike, Stewart, Pelly, Nordenskiold & Yukon - & lakes. This area is an important wetland for migrating birds in the spring & fall. We noticed the 1st signs of Fall - leaves are starting to turn & it's not even mid August! It was another beautiful drive. And we did see some critters: Black Bear - 2 (22); Trumpeter Swans - 2 (23)

We're far enough south now that we were able to listen to the Nascar race today (most of it anyway) on Sirius radio. We stopped at a pullout just outside Whitehorse to listen to the final 10 laps so we wouldn't miss the end of the race. Then we drove on into Whitehorse to the Hi Country RV Park. The truck & trailer were covered with dust & mud from the roads the last 2 days (worse than after the Top of the World Hwy!). We were glad to find that the rv park has a hi-powered car wash so we washed off both vehicles before setting up in our spot. This is a nice park with lots of trees & bushes so there's some separation between the spaces - altho the spaces are fairly small. The wifi is not great here - we're lucky to be able to check email at our site & are posting on the deck beside the office while doing our laundry - but guess that's the way it is in the Yukon.

We're going to stay here most of the week to catch up on housekeeping & grocery shopping. We're planning to drive down to Skagway one day. And, of course, we didn't see all there is to see here in Whitehorse when we were here on our way north. So, more later...

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