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Our view got better this morning!

Mt Foraker, Mt Hunter & Denali

We had great views for quite a few miles


Glaciers in the Alaska Range

A little windy at the top


There's dramatic beauty aside from the white peaks of the Alaska Range

Chulitna River

Talkeetna Mtns

Another view

Just too much too see!

Lots of small lakes in the Broad Pass

We had a little shower this afternoon

So many different types of mountains here

Nenana River


Denali Grande Lodge

Talk about a tourist area

Home in the Denali RV Park & Motel

View from our kitchen - the meeting tent

Can you see the rainbow?

Dinner at the 49th State Brewing Co.

Looks like the rain is over

This morning we left Talkeetna & headed north on the Geo. Parks Hwy. When we got to the overlook above Talkeetna we saw lots of vehicles pulled into the lookout & knew the mountain was visible. Wow! There were some clouds around the base, but most of Mt. McKinley/Denali was visible, along with other mountains in the Alaska Range. It was a magnificent sight! As we drove north, we had views for quite a few miles, then it went out of sight. By the time we came to the north viewpoint in Denali State Park, the mountain was covered by clouds.

The drive to Denali Nat'l Park was beautiful. Even when you can't see Denali, the Talkeetna Mtns & the rivers are also great. We passed the only operating limestone mine but couldn't see any limestone or their product.

We left Talkeena in bright sunshine & the temp was 67 - wore shorts & short-sleeved shirts. We arrived at the Denali RV Park & Motel in rain & the temp was 56. Of course it stopped raining as soon as we got set up. As we drove into Healy for dinner we saw a rainbow. We had dinner at the 49th State Brewing Co. Our waiter was from Maldovia - but he's currently a student in Miami, FL. It was a neat brewery, David enjoyed their beer & the food was great, too. A nice end to our trip today.

Tomorrow we'll go to the Visitor's Ctr at Denali Nat'l Park. More later...

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