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Bear River & mountains around Stewart

Leaving Stewart

New snow on peak behind Bear Glacier

1-lane bridge over the Nash River gorge

Seven Sisters Range

Skeena Mtns - new snow up there!

Home at Burns Lake, BC

Some of the rivers & lakes we saw

Just 1 of many hay fields - they get big yields up...

3 logging trucks in a row

Look at the stacks of logs on these trucks! And they were...

Home in Williams Lake, BC

One huge lumber company in Williams Lake

Pastor Jeremy took the opportunity to re-marry us - ha! (There's a...

We left Stewart 2 days ago & it was still gray & rainy. We enjoyed the drive down the Cassiar Hwy & on down the Yellowhead Hwy. Lots of majestic mountains. We could see new snow on the peaks around Stewart & on the peaks of the Skeena Mtns when we hit the Yellowhead Hwy. We went from shipping/fishing/mining at Stewart to agriculture in the Burns Lake area. We stopped for the night at the municipal campground in Burns Lake - very nice & it is free! We were too big for any of the campsites but we parallel parked by a campsite close to the lake & had a beautiful view of Burns Lake from our living room window.

Yesterday we came on down the Yellowhead Hwy (97) to Williams Lake. It was a rainy morning but ended up sunny & warm. The views were rivers & lakes & huge hay fields & we moved into an area where forestry is the economic base - logging trucks & lumber mills everywhere. It was a very interesting drive.

We're staying at the municipal campground in Williams Lake - it's at the Stampede rodeo grounds. Full hookups & nice grass but the trees haven't grown up enough for shade yet - nice campground & nice camp hosts.

Friends Joel & Deanna Vogt have a son & family here. We went to the Visitor's Ctr to get info on Williams Lake & find out where Jeremy's church is so we could try to see him while we're in town. The young girl in the center asked which pastor we were looking for & when we told her she said "Oh, his daughter is my best friend!" & proceded to mark on the map where the church is located & give us the church & home phone #. Williams Lake is a small town! So this morning we went to the church & Pastor Jeremy was in so we had a nice visit with him. We talked him into giving us a tour of his church & when we got to the sanctuary we said we needed a picture of him to put on our journal for his folks to see. He called the secretary in to take a picture of all of us. And Judi gave him a hug for his mom since she wasn't be here to hug him herself!

We went to Walmart to do some shopping & also found a really neat bead shop in downtown (that made Judi happy!). This afternoon we've been relaxing. Today the weather went from sunny & warm to a thunderstorm.

Tomorrow morning we're heading south again. We'll spend tomorrow night at a provincial park near Merritt & then we'll head for the border. Probably won't have wi-fi again until we hit the US. More later...

Critter Count: Black Bear - 1 (30) - Deer - 1 (40) It seems like we haven't seen a lot of wildlife but these numbers say we have!

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