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Our new room.... and the same old freak

Our new view!

Our view the other way!

The pool... sorry everyone!

Dinner at LuLu's

Well the man in his pants didn't break into our room during the night as I'd dreamt, in fact he was gone in the morning leaving only CJ again, who was getting excited about watching US v Brazil in the Confederations Cup.

We were up early, so we had a stroll along the beach until the free breakfast started at 9 in the hostel.

When we got back it was nearly the end of the first half, so we sat down with CJ and watched the game. I think we must have been bad luck as Brazil scored 3 in the second half and beat the US 3-2.

We'd already decided not to stay here another night, it's a shame that the room isn't better as the outdoor TV and eating area is great.. buuuut Steve found a hotel for less money and closer to the sea; bit of a no-brainer really!

It was only about a block away, so we packed up our stuff, said goodbye and our commiserations to CJ and dragged our cases round the corner.

The hotel is a steal! We have a great room with a partial view of the sea, a pool, the surf school is next door and we're walking distance to everything.

I felt really washed out today, I think it must have been from all the travelling and lack of sleep, so we decided to have a lazy day... and what a perfect place to do it!

We packed our towels and had a little sunbathe on the beach, the water is so warm and full of surfers, we decided we'll definitely be getting some surfboards out tomorrow – surfing with no wetsuit, how cool!?

It got a bit hot so we decided to go back to the pool so pink and speckly boy could have a bit of shade and write some of the journal.

We went to a place called LuLu's for dinner tonight and had a huge grilled Ahi (tuna) salad which was amazing (even Steve thought so!) and a couple of Mai Tais, which sent us off to sleep nicely.

We can't help but feel like we're on holiday, better be careful not to spend like we're on one!

Nighty night,


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