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5:30 am up and to train which left at 6:30 exactly. Just 2nd class, bench seats – somewhat uncomfortable but at least reserved. Not bad in the end after all the standing passengers (never know if they are paying or not in India?) got off and we had room. Countryside flat, agric – some gigantic rock outcroppings along the way, more irrigation & rice paddies/sugar cane + hotter & humid. More villages w/ palm/thatch roofs and mat/palm houses – looks considerably poorer than Kerala or S. Tamil Nadu.

Arr in Chennai 15 min. early according to schedule – noon. End up at Regent Hotel, dbl room 350 r. clean, old/worn w/ fan. Manager very nice, helpful. A tuk tuk here is outrageously expensive even after haggling – ride to Apollo Specialty Hospital & Dr Bose cost 100 r. – any other town would be no more than 50 r. and should be 30 r. Bon wanted to have an ortho guy check her hip that's been bugging her since carrying the first pack in Africa for so many months, tho it's been getting better steadily since friend Don brought her rolling pack with him when he joined us in Africa. Good consult ... tho not the answer she wanted - apparently has caused damage to socket that will - either now or later - require resurfacing surgery. Consult went well. Dr. said this is not a necessary surgery at this point, but Bon deciding what to do - wait for it to get really bad, or cut to the chase & do it now while in India so she doesn't have to think about it anymore!

Dr. was very informative, didn’t push to have it or no, said it was Bon’s decision since she is kind of in betw age. Mostly it is a question of quality of life…being active. The doctors here are 10-11 yrs ahead of U.S. in this kind of surgery. Another myth about our medical superiority put to rest! Bon got lots of info on the internet, all of it related to India, Europe, & SE Asia. If you are interested in hip resurfacing the site she found most helpful was Visit Surfacehippy

1-15 & 16

Spent most of these days getting caught up on 'business', ie internet, washing, contemplating the next phase of our journey, checking air fares to here/there/everywhere.

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