Banff Gondola


Here we go!



Looking down at the tree tops


It was a long way up

Me having fun


View of Banff below

Almost on the top

View on the top

They have a nice restaurant on top and a snack bar

Some people actually walk back down

Jerry on the top

Me on the top


Zoomed view of Banff below


View from the top


Incredible view of the Banff Hot Springs Resort below

Last one!

We had another one of those "Wowser" days today. We rode the Banff Gondola ride to the top of Sulphur Mountain.

The adventure began with an eight minute journey to the summit in a modern, fully-enclosed four passenger gondola cabin. They even allow your pets to go if you want them to. Ollie waited for us in the car. He rode in a gondola with us before and was not impressed. :-) The views are spectacular as you climb (2,292 ft) to an elevation of (7,486 ft) at the top.

When we got to the top we saw a lot of snow, causing some areas to be closed. We went shopping in their nice gift shop and bought a 2012 calendar with pictures of all the areas we have visited in the last week. They also have a really nice restaurant on the top with incredible views while you eat, but the prices were way out of our budget. :-)

We got some great pictures of the area below with our zoom camera. The mountains and town of Banff are outstanding. It was another awesome day in Canada. We are definitely going to return to this area again later. We highly recommend the Banff Gondola ride if you are in the area.

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