Our site in Skookumchuck, British Columbia

Burger Barn

This is a cool little town

The local jail :)

They have a very nice store

We saw a lot of hoodoos on the way

Last one!

We are back on the road heading home to the US. We drove about 125 miles before stopping to rest. We are staying at the Springbrook RV Park in a tiny town called Skookumchuck in British Columbia. It is a cool little town with a population of 66 people.

Skookumchuck is a popular stopping ground for travelers moving between the Columbia Valley and Cranbrook. The word Skookumchuck means strong water or turbulent rapid water in the Chinook language.

We saw a lot of hoodoos on the way to Skookumchuck. The critter count today was slim, we only saw a couple of deer. We were happy to find this unique little town to rest, the campground is awesome. We really enjoyed our trip to Canada. More later from somewhere in Montana.

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