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These homes are in the Battery Area

Oh would I love to live here















It was very har to walk on these sidewalks

I stubbed my toe more than once

Our lunch spot

The Menu

Our choice

KInda neat huh?

Our Chef, Mitch

You are here


You just have to look everywhere

Cobblestone streets are awesome

Isn't this beautiful

Ironwork around cemetary

This is the church yard

This is now a National Landmark

Guess what's in the middle of Church Street?

Another street I just love

Flowers are everywhere

They are even wrapped around the palm trees

We went inside here. It is OLD

Isn't this one great

This is known as Rainbow Row

The colors are great

More oohs and ahs

I told you I took a lot of pictures






This is Historic Downtown Charleston

What a romantic way to get around

Outside Beautiful Charlestown Place

And this is the beautiful inside

We caught an awesome sunset

Don't you agree?

The Festival of Lights











That is just some of the lights. Nice Huh?

Oh boy. We have had a beautiful day today. High 70's and lots of humidity. We arrived at our campground that happens to be a Passport America just before noon. We are about 7 miles south of Charleston and we could hardly wait to set up. In fact, we didn't even set up. We just plugged into electric and took off back to Charleston.

The last time we were here, we tourist ed all the plantation homes but did not have the time to see the Battery area. This became my quest because of all the books I have read about Charleston. OH MY. I would have been sick if I knew what we had missed. After a lot of snooping, we found ourselves on the Battery and East Bay Street. You just have to be here to appreciate it. This is one of the most Southern Historic Areas we have scooped out and it was so delightful. As soon as I get enough signal, I will put some beautiful pictures up but right now, we are under a tornado warning and will be very careful tonight.

Charleston is really a place full of history. Civil War memorials are everywhere. You feel like you could run into Scarlett or Rhett at any moment. This is truly the south and even Bill got into it when I made the comment that Rhett Ave was right over there so Scarlett should be near, and he responded with "Frankly Helen, I don't give a damn." That had both of in stitches for quite awhile.

Charleston is known as the "Holy City" because of its embrace of religions of all types. We walked Church Street and saw some very impressive churches. The cemeteries in the courtyards were fascinating. The South Battery where we were today has the Ocean on one side while just across the street some of the most beautiful antebellum homes stand in the spirit of gracious living for the elite. It is so charming. The hand forged wrought iron balconies are awesome.

The area we walked to was the French Quarter. It is nothing like the French Quarter in New Orleans. Well maybe somewhat but different. Do you know what I mean? Nothing could ever be the same as New Orleans just as nothing could be the same as Charleston.

We found a really neat place to have lunch at a place called The Blind Tiger. We chose to eat outside in the back quart yard. This place was just full of atmosphere. We were delighted to be joined by the Chef (owner?) Mitch Wyman for a short time. He was very interested on our chosen lifestyle and of course we never tire of talking about it. Mitch, it was a pleasure to meet you and I hope one day you too will be able to do what we are doing.

As we continued on our walk, we met an elderly lady that had poked her head out of her house looking for the mailman. We stopped and chatted for a few minutes and both of us could see inside. It was beautiful. I would have given anything to go in. She was such a wonderful little lady, we would have loved to hear the stories she must have. I asked her if I could take her picture but she said no, she wasn't at her best today so reluctantly, we went on our way.

By the time we got back to the campground, everyone was talking about the storm coming through with tornado warnings. That is the same storm that damaged our friend's Glen and Judy's daughter's home in Alabama so we knew it was not something to fool around with. We checked out the shelters before going to bed just in case. We did have a ton of rain, thunder and lightning during the night but thankfully no tornado's.

Right now, Myrtle Beach is under the Tornado warnings for several more hours.

What you have already read was written early this morning. Now it is 8:00 at night and we have had another great but tiring day. We went back to the Historical downtown and wandered all around after going to the visitors center to get the history on Charleston. Most of our day was spent on Market and King streets which are a whole bunch of gift shops, same-o same-o type mall on King but lots of people that we could people watch. The weather had turned cold and damp but we are not complaining after the awful weather that has surrounded us.

We ended the evening at James Island County Park. Annually, they have a Festival of Lights that are similar to the Callahan Gardens in Georgia but not quite as big. This one you drive through three miles of thousands of lights that make up one of the most incredible Christmas scene you can imagine.

I have taken some incredible pictures of Charleston but wouldn't you know that this is one of the first times in ages that my Verizon Card does not have a good signal and I will have to wate to share these with you. Be sure you come back because thay are just great. You won't want to miss them. I managed to get a few here but there are LOTS more coming. OK here they are. Did I ever tell you that we just loved Charlston?......

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