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As Hurricane Florence has worked its way out of the Carolinas, the temperatures here have come down a bit and it is somewhat less humid. I look at the forecast where my sister is drying out and it is wonderful. What a difference a week makes. Here we were energized enough to take our bikes out for a spin this morning. The park feels very empty; even most of the folks who live here are not here now. Nearly everyone was or is an RV'er and it makes sense to stay north for another month. I was going to say only fools like us are here now, but we found four of our friends whom we met as RV Navigator podcast listeners, have already returned to their million dollar homes here and tucked their motor homes inside their spacious garages. It was great to catch up with them and their adventures since we saw them last in June. We do amazingly well being confined to hip tp hip in our little house 24/7, but it is always nice to chat with other interesting people.

We visited the first campsite we there purchased here where we will spend our time after the holidays when friends stay on our new site and everything looks fine. Being an absentee landlord can bring additional worries, but when this site is rented by park management they get the concrete pad power washed and the electric pedestal repaired when it fails. Of course, we get the bill.

In the afternoon the wifi installer arrived, bringing us wifi strong enough to stream movies (which we wanted) and 120 cable TV channels for the TV in the executive suite, which will be nice for guests to use, but we do not really need. The monthly price is lower than it is at home; always appreciated! The installation gave us a chance to verify that the TV in the suite works and we've given the washer and dryer a test which they also passed. The ambience of the executive suite reminds us of low-end cabins we have rented over the years. If we were going to live here, a major redecorating would move higher on the list. For now Ken is glad that there is a toilet next door so his black-tank-emptying chores will be few and far between.

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