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March Birthday Honorees, Larry Jaynes and Betty Wendler

Singer/Musician, Justin Cole

Campout Host, Larry Roming, Reading Cowboy Poetry

Visitor Jacque Dennis, Darlene Mullins, Donette Harpole, Bruce Woodall, Ethel Fitzgerald, Betty...

Glenda Alexander, Jacque Dennis and Darlene Mullins

Sonny's RV Park - Daisy on Right with Older 'Sibling'

Sonny's RV Park - Garden by RV Park Office


This morning was a bit unusual in that I went first to my acupuncture appointment. Then, after a quick lunch, I took Daisy to Discount Tire to have the air pressure checked before heading out on TX 71. In prior years I had taken a different route; the distances are almost the same but today’s route is better. There are only two short sections of two-lane highway; otherwise, there are four lanes.

It was cloudy, windy and a bit chilly all day – too cool to sit outdoors.

Tonight we celebrated March birthdays for Betty Wendler and Larry Jaynes. After dinner, we were entertained by our host, Larry Roming, reading some cowboy poetry and his nephew, Justin Cole, playing his acoustic guitar and singing. Justin has a good voice and a rather wide vocal range. (On Facebook:

We had one visitor, Jacque (pronounced Jackie) Dennis, from the Houston area. She plans to travel around the country for several months.


The wind blew all night last night and I was awakened several times by what I thought was a tree limb hitting my RV. However, this morning Bruce checked around my site and didn’t see anything that could have made the noise. He did do a fix-it job for me, though. He drilled a hole in my sewer hose carrier cap and added a piece of wire that could be wound around a bolt to keep the cap secure. It had kept coming off as I drove. This time it stayed in place.

This morning several of us went to an antique sale at the city park. I’m not an antique lover but it was something to do. With a population of only about 1,100, the town doesn’t have a lot of activities to offer. I did buy some spray cologne made by a local woman.

This afternoon I won three games of Bingo. I chose for my prizes a pair of microwavable plates, a scented candle and a stuffed cat with ball.

Tonight we had dinner at Granny’s, where the food and service were good.


The weather was still chilly this morning but the sun peeked out late in the afternoon, so we sat outside for a while in chair swings. It was very pleasant for a change.

STATS Route: TX 71 E => TX 21 E=> US 77 N to RV park Total Miles Driven: 74 Weather Conditions: Cloudy and windy Road Conditions: Good, four lanes except for two short stretches of two-lane highway

RV Park: Sonny’s RV Park ( Park Conditions: Fair dirt roads, level sites, large trees, large clubroom, helpful owners, free WiFi

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