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Lately I had been increasingly annoyed at my smart phone because it is so sensitive and I was constantly entering an incorrect letter or number or going to a site that I didn’t want. That’s just the nature of that type of phone. Also, the monthly service cost was over $55 a month after all the fees were added. It just didn’t seem worth that much to me.

Rather than continue to be irked by all this, I decided to close my Jitterbug account and go back to a flip phone. To my chagrin, T-Mobile no longer offers the choice of pre-paying for a specified number of minutes at a set price. A couple times a year or so, I used to buy 1000 minutes for $100 + sales tax and that would last me anywhere from five to seven months. They now offer only pre-paid plans good for specified periods. The cheapest one is $25 a month but there are also many fees added, so the cost ends up being more like $37 or so.

After evaluating flip phone plans, I decided to get a TracFone and a 90-day airtime service plan with 120 talk, text and Web minutes. The phone doubles this to 240 minutes and there is no contract, no bills and no fees. I kept my same phone number. The phone is small enough to fit in my pocket and I attached a little strap to it to make it easier to extract. Yea!!

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