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This day has been a busy one for me. I was up earlier than usual so I could run a couple of errands before going to Silver Sneakers class.

First, I stopped at CVS to return some unused nutrition drinks. I suspect that they were the cause of my stomach problems during the bluebonnet trip on Tuesday. I had several of the symptoms of food poisoning but it could have been something else. In any case, I was afraid to use any more of the drinks. CVS refunded all my money without a hassle and put it on a gift card.

Next, I went to Wheatsville Co-op to return some shampoo. That situation was my own fault. I had gone there with the express purpose of buying some conditioner but discovered at home that I had picked up shampoo instead. Grrr! I told the Wheatsville customer service clerk that I needed a brain transplant. She said that she wasn’t qualified for that but would try to help me otherwise. :>) This time I made doubly sure that I had selected conditioner.

The main event of the day was lunch with Nancy Riley. She was hungry for a P. Terry’s burger. We had planned to walk over there from Pecan Grove, but it was raining so we drove. On the way out of the park, Nancy saw Buddy, the cat she had left behind when she moved back to Indiana. She just had to stop to visit with him. He let her pet him without trying to get away. At P. Terry’s she bought him a hamburger patty. She really misses Austin, Pecan Grove and Buddy. I wish she would move back because I miss her a lot. She and I had fun just doing things on the spur of the moment. Most of my friends can’t be that flexible with their time because of family and other obligations.

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