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Goodbye Tassie!


With our three weeks in Tasmania at a close we began the fairly short drive from Narawntapu to Devonport. There were a few local produce places in the general area that we had considered visiting but it just so happened that the only one on our way today was the Anvers chocolate company. So the cafe there became our brunch stop and boy, did we leave the place satisfied (perhaps even a little over-indulged!)

Arriving in Devonport in the early afternoon we had a few hours to kill and drove around looking for a playground. The only decent looking one we found was in full sun and already being used by what looked like half the kids in Devonport. So the kids and I ended up at the maccas playground while Sal checked out a few shops.

We decided to get to the ferry queue a little earlier this time to see if we'd have less waiting time than we did on the way over. Arriving about half an hour before check-in started we were near the front of the line and this got us through the gates pretty quick ... but then we had to wait inside the gates for another hour or so until they actually started boarding cars. At this point we were one of the first put on, which was nice.

After some dinner Sal and the kids watched the kids movie, Epic. While the water outside looked reasonably calm, the boat was rolling about enough to be uncomfortable and by the time they came back from the movie for bed, everyone was starting to feel a little unwell. Unfortunately Will and Alice both lost their dinner before they were able to get off to sleep and I have to say it was a bit touch and go there for me for a while!

Fortunately the ride has ended up getting smoother and, as I write this, everyone has managed to get off to sleep - all of them down on the floor between seats!

In a few hours we'll be back in Melbourne and almost ready to point northwards for the last push home! We're certainly all getting more and more keen to be back home - there's been a number of "I wish we were home" comments from the kids and while we were waiting to get on the boat earlier we took turns talking about the things we were looking forward to getting back to. All the same, hopefully we can still enjoy our last few weeks of getting there.

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