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twin Dutch Stars

We're traveling with friends who are driving a motor home almost identical to ours. In our gated community we are only allowed to park the rig near our home for 24 hours and we were hoping our friends could boondock at a nearby Walmart to make our departure today go efficiently. Despite their huge, empty parking lot, the neighborly folks at Walmart said no. So we were glad that our friends were allowed by our subdivision management to park in the lot next to the lodge. Our neighbors told us that they got into an argument after they saw our friends' rig. He recognized it as a similar model and thought it was ours, but she noticed that it was gray and ours is brown. Shows how men and women think differently and why women are usually right!

Long driving days aren't fun, but necessary if we're going to make it to Alaska. The best thing we can ask for is an uneventful drive and that's what happened today. But as we neared the campground, the sky began to darken and we were happy to see some buildings designated as storm shelters on the campground property. We'll never forget a campground in Sarasota that advised us to lay in the ditch as strong storms passed by. Folks who live in Minnesota know how to handle weather - all sorts. A brisk thunderstorm passed through and lowered the temperature 18ยบ, but no hail, no high winds. No storm shelter necessary - today.

Conservative politics did rear their ugly head now and then as we drove. Bill boards appeared periodically encouraging Wisconsinites to vote against the repeal of Governor Scott Walker. And our campground host had his car plastered with signs bemoaning Obama taking away the earnings of the hard working rich and giving them to the lazy poor. Grit teeth and keep driving....

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