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Evangeline Oak Park - Legendary Meeting Place of Emmeline Labiche and Louis...

Evangeline Oak Park - Bayou Teche - Lenora & Bill Clyde and...

Evangeline Oak Park - French Canadians from Montreal

Evangeline Oak Park - Longfellow Bust

African-American Museum - Mardi Gras Queen's Dress 2007

African-American Museum

Acadian Memorial - Mural (Left Side)

Acadian Memorial - Mural (Right Side)

St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church, 1765 - Mother Church of Acadians

Evangeline Statue Behind Catholic Church

Evangeline Statue Behind Catholic Church

RV Park Clubroom - Betty Scott and Connie Carpenter

Group Photo by Warren Hallbauer - Glenda Alexander, third from right

After the others left, the rest of us went on to St. Martinville where we saw the Evangeline Oak, which marks the legendary meeting place of Emmeline Labiche and Louis Arceneaux, the counterparts of Evangeline and Gabriel, the ill-fated lovers of the poem, "Evangeline". Near it is a large bust of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, who wrote the epic poem. While we were there, we had a nice visit with a French Canadian couple from Montreal whom we had seen earlier at the Maison Olivier.

While the others rested, I visited the African-American Museum and Museum of the Acadian Memorial at the St. Martinville Tourist Center. At the Acadian Memorial there is a wonderful mural, "The Arrival of the Acadians in Louisiana" by Robert Dafford. The figures represent actual documented Acadian refugees who arrived in Louisiana from about 1764-1788. Some models are direct descendants of the figures they portray. On another wall is the Couverte Piquée de l'Odyssée Acadienne (Acadian Odyssey Quilt), which has ten panels portraying different aspects of the story: The exile, religious faith, their dress, their skills, etc. On a third wall is a huge plaque with the names of all the refugees.

A few blocks away, behind St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church is the lovely statue of Evangeline. The church is the original home church for the Acadians.

Our last stop in St. Martinville was at Le Petit Café Paris for lunch.

Back in the RV park, everyone gathered to have our group photo taken. Then we were off to Prejean's Restaurant for a delicious dinner. Our waiter was excellent; he never missed a beat.

After dinner we had drawings for door prizes and the dim bulb was awarded. We also heard Connie Carpenter's first "recital" on the dulcimer, as she accompanied Betty Scott. They played two familiar songs.

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