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Pidgeon square

Mosque rules



Downtown Sarajevo

National dish; burek

Catholic Church

Orthodox Church

You can see the artillery hits all over the front of this...

The Eternal Flame

the road the archduke was travelling along, looking down to the Latin...

the Latin bridge; where the tracks stop is where the shooting happened.


looking downriver

In the Sarajevo brewry restaurant

Sarajevo is an incredible city, hard to believe that it was only in 1990’s this was a city and people on the edge of annihilation. The city is wedged into a valley created by the Miljacka River and flanked to the south by the mountains of Jahorina and Bjelasnica, host of the 1984 Winter Olympics. It’s a veritable living museum of history; churches, cathedrals, a bridge where world history took a fateful turn and artillery scarred buildings as reminders of more recent tragedy.

Sarajevo is easily covered on foot and so I didn’t have to expend a great deal of energy to appreciate it. Most of the sights are located in Central Sarajevo, some literally right outside my door in Bascarsija, the bustling Old Quarter made up of a labyrinth of cobbled laneways. The central open space of Bascarsija is known as Pigeon Square for obvious reasons. In and around the surrounding laneways are the neo-Gothic Catholic church, the old medieval Orthodox church and the Gazi-Husrevbey Mosque. At the western end of the city is the Eternal Flame which commemorates the sacrifices of WWII.

Probably the most fascinating thing to see in all of Sarajevo was the Latin Bridge, not so much for what it looks like but for the history it holds, being the location for the catylst that started WWI. On that fateful day in 1914 the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie paused at the National Library on Obla Kulina Bana. Despite an earlier assassination attempt that day they rode west along the riverside in open car and onto the Latin Bridge. It was here that Gavrilo Princip stepped forward and open fired, killing them both and sparking off war between Austria-Hungary and Serbia. It was thanks to a series of European alliances that this escalated into WWI.

Its so hot in Sarajevo right now, being the height of summer and there is little relief from the heat so it was very fortunate that there wasn’t too much activity to be had! I decided to head south to Mostar for a couple of days and caught the tram out to the bus station to make my way there. I didn’t know how to buy a ticket once I got on and before I could do anything about it I was approached by a very disgruntled man claiming to be a ticket inspector. He spoke perfect English but claimed to not understand anything I said as I tried to explain that I was trying to buy a ticket but just hadn’t yet. He became wildly irate and threatened to call the police, after locking me in the stationary tram and refusing to let me out. Eventually it was all sorted to the tune of a $26 fine and was on my way.

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