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Monument dedicated on the 300th anniversity 102 yrs ago

Joe, One of the best guides you could find

At the dig site

First Church in America





Outside the church


Looking across the James River

Captain John Smith -

Another view of this awesome church

Not a really nice man

This tree marks the spot of the First Landing



Awesome place



Grave sites found

These are the names but who is where is unknown as of...

The Story


Love this bush

This is the biggest kiln I have ever seen

James River

Bill is grilling a steak for us for dinner tonight but while that is going on I will try to relate wonderful day we spent today…

We decided to start at the beginning and that brought us to the town Of Jamestown…. We first went to the Historic Jamestowne that is a National Historic Landmark.. We always love the National Parks because they are so un-commercial and this one sure did not disappoint us. After getting another stamp in my third Passport America Book we went into the theater to watch a film… We love to start out this way and get a feel of the placed but after about one minute, Bill was getting queasy from the surround screen so we took off to check it out on our own… Boy did we luck out….

Historic Jamestown is the site of the first permanent English settlement that started in 1607… YUP.. 402 years ago and history almost didn’t get it right. Unit 1994 no one had proved that this place really existed when archeologists found the Fort and proved it to be the same one that John Smith wrote about and called a “verie fit place for the erecting of a great cittie.” We were fortunate enough to arrive just before one of the archaeologists started giving a tour of the digs and even more fortunate to have a beautiful day and find the digs uncovered…. We had a wonderful tour that left us all in awe. After all, we were now standing on the exact place that America was born… Since the exact location was found close to 400 yrs later and now over 1,400,000 relics and artifacts have been discovered and proven to come from that date… Our guide was outstanding and many times I felt the tears coming when you realized how this all began…

The Church is the oldest Church in America and as simple as can be… Again, not any stained glass, no statues, only the Ten Commandments on the Altar.. 1-5 on the left and 6-10 on the right… I have a hard time understanding how these commandments can not be on display in a public place when our whole country was based on them…

We also saw where the first legislators met and where our Government began… Shouldn’t it be mandatory for our current government to visit here and be reminded of what our fore fathers fought for?... OK, off my soapbox.

We enjoyed visiting the Archaearium and seeing so many of the relics that have been found.. Sorry , we could not take any pictures there our I could show you some interesting things such as an ear spoon that is a cosmetic gadget that has a file for your nails, a pick for under the nails and a teeny spoon to clear the wax from the ear…

There was a nice little café on the grounds that I’m sure wasn’t there in 1607 but it was a great place as our Lunch Spot of the Day and by now it was great to sit a spell before going any further…

A long time later we finally returned to the truck and took the scenic ride around the Island…. It was only a five mile ride but we had many pull-outs with more history to read as by the time we left the Historic Jamestown and drove to Jamestown Settlement it was far to late in the day to go into this next place in history since they close at 5:00 and it was about 3:45 by now…. We decided to return tomorrow and finish the rest of Jamestown before we continue out history lesson to the next area….

It was a beautiful, sunny, not too hot or too cool day and it was wonderful….

We can’t wait to see what comes next and I can’t wait to have the steak that is just coming off the grill……..later

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