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Leave at 8:25 am on bus to Mysore w/ Thomas & Anne who will be continuing on to their fishing adventure. Mountainous w/ lots of forest trees, some eucalyptus are huge (3-4 arm spans in circum), look to be 150-200 yrs old. Beautiful blue sky, brisk wind & another wild ride...curves, switchbacks. After 1+ hr we begin our descent, down down down thru a dense forest of what our 'guide' in Munnar called 'gigantis' trees - very tall, straight, pole-looking (few branches til the top apex) eucalyptus related but leaves are quite green, not gray color. Road is very good, still 2 lane, curvey of course all the way. Lower elevation brings tea plantations & silver bulk(? name guide told us in Munnar) trees which provide shade & water in dry season for tea plants.

Drove thru a clump bamboo forest and then Mudumalai Tiger Reserve & Crucial Elephant Habitat Area - lots of different types of tree - big leaf 30-40' tall, very dry area. No animals seen but none expected either, 11 am/, but once out of tiger reserve we saw spotted deer.

Quite suddenly we are onto a flat plain w/ mixed agric & goats/cattle - 67 km from Mysore - looks to be highly dependent on monsoon rains as there seems to be no natural year round streams/lakes/reservours. In Mysore by 1 pm so we say our good byes to T & A who are meeting their driver here and we head off to bus for Bangalore which leaves shortly after 1 arriving in Bangalore @ 5. After some 'discussion' w/ tuk tuk drivers & others we finally got directions to train station (in sight of bus station only 500 m. across a walkway, ha!). Then another confusing set of directions but eventually find our way to the ticket window for 'disabled, senior citizens, & tourists'! Great combo!

With tickets in hand for 6:30 am train to Chennai and unsuccessfully seeking an ON at an LP recom place acros from station, the tuk tuk driver brought us to Sri Trupthi Comforts, kind of off the main drag but only short distance from train/bus stations. For us it was a 5 star but since it was so late(dark) and travel all day put us 'in the mood', we paid the 1080 r...with cable TV we could justify it, aha!

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