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As we left West End, Roatan a large school of about 100...


Following the sun

The Captain is happy to be heading for Guatemala

Sunset over the open water

Good morning - sunrise just after 5 am

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Overnight at sea on Diamond Lil

Overnight Passage - Take 2! The morning of June 5th dawned bright, clear and calm. In order to travel overnight and arrive in the Sapodilla Islands we knew that we really shouldn't get away till later in the day. Calm weather like this is a Godsend, however so we untied from our mooring ball and set off about 7 a.m.

For about an hour in the morning we enjoyed the company of an enormous school of dolphins, at least 100 the Captain assures me. I was napping in preparation for the long night ahead and John woke me to see the friendly little guys. I could hear them squeaking and see them roll on to their sides so they could look up at us.

As the day progressed the seas built, with a big following sea pushing us along. We slowed as much as we could without wallowing in the swell but we still ended up 5 miles from our destination by about 2 a.m., about 3 hours before dawn when we could safely pass through the reef.

So Plan C or D or whatever was put into effect - to continue on towards Livingston, Guatemala where we would check into the country.

As usual when we make overnight passages Captain John did most of the driving and I lay on the settee up in the flybridge, where I avoided raising my head as much as possible, which would cause me to feel naseaous. I didn't really sleep much but lay with my eyes closed so the Captain is sure that I was sleeping. While he slept for a couple of hours I watched the radar and the chartplotter from my prone position, moving only when I needed to adjust our course. You can't see anything in the black water at night anyways. We were pretty well the only ones out there and I only saw 2 other boats, miles away in the distance during the entire night.

El pobre Capitan did all the running up and down the flybridge for drinks and food, of which I took little, not wanting a full stomach or bladder. I crawled down 2 or 3 times to use the head but other than that I stayed put. I couldn't read or use my laptop without feeling sick. The Captain is a salty soul and is able to do anything he normally does while lurching, rolling, tossing and turning.

Sunrise is never quite so welcome as when you are out at Sea and I was glad to see our old friend back again.

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