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lady's dance

When we got up this morning, it was finally raining in the rain forest. Before we left the lodge, we visited the lady's collective. The women here saw their husbands earning money from tourism and wanted in on the action. After they danced for us and we of course danced with them, we went to their craft shop where they had many tempting things for sale. Balsa wood is common here and easy to work with so many of the figurines were light enough to make it into our suitcases without getting major blow-back at the airline check-in counter. Then we took the 2-½ hour boat trip back to Coca for the 40 minute flight back to Quito. We made good time, so Celso took this opportunity to take us on a drugs and medicines walk in the market. Many of our drugs and medicines are based on things that grow here and the indigenous people discovered them first. All sorts of potions were being sold in old plastic water bottles or freshly picked. Not very pristine. It's not the way we do medicine, but if you live in the Amazon you are often left to your own devices.

When we unpacked back at our Quito hotel, everything was sopping wet. It had all been sweaty and picked up additional moisture from the air rather than drying after we took it off. The hotel here has offered to do laundry for us at a reasonable price over night. We are so grateful.

We had dinner at a small museum, which was filled with three floors of pre-Columbian artifacts and handicraft items and costumes that are still being used by indigenous people at their festivals. The dinner was magnificent. I especially enjoyed the flight of different kinds of ceviche.

We are pretty tired. At night we ran both a ceiling fan and an oscillating fan and the roar they made together they made me feel like I was sleeping at the end of a runway at O'Hare. It's great to be back in civilization with the comforts we usually take for granted.

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