Out and About with Daisy 2019 travel blog

Nancy Napier Inside Her Lazy Daze

Nancy Napier with Her Lazy Daze and Car

Paula D In Her 'Camper'

Paula D In Her 'Camper' with Her Steering Wheel Desk

Glenda Alexander and Nancy Napier (Photo By Paula D)

This week I have met two new friends. One of them, Nancy Napier, has been here for several days and plans to stay at least until December 12. We clicked because she also has a Lazy Daze motorhome with the same floor plan as my Daisy. She came here to attend the Boot Camp for new RVers. She only recently retired and wants to visit the West. She rented her house for two years so she would have the flexibility to travel.

The other one, Paula, is a “minimalist” who is still working online. She travels from place to place and rents an apartment in the new location for a while. Each time she moves, she gets rid of her furniture and then just buys more at her next location. She currently has an apartment in Arizona. Her “camper” is her car. She was here to change her domicile to Texas from Ohio.

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