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Carpes at FlaNet RV

Construction outside RV park got us lost in PA
No left turn led...

Jersey Barriers on I 80 in PA made Bob's day...

Crossing the Delarare River at the Water Gap
No "Welcome to New Jersey"...

Brother Meyer carrying his bear

Grand kiddies love those big Costco Bears

A meeting of the bears

Tue, 15 May: Final road day for a while, and it was a Doozie...

According to our well-thought-out plans today was supposed to be a "chip shot". A quick 45 miles on I 80 into New Jersey and our destination, FlaNet RV Park in Flanders NJ. Well, we all know the adage about "best laid plans..." and today was no exception.

We got the coach ready for the road. Bob pulled Carpe out of her spot and moved to a large gravel area where we connected our tow car, Carpe Dinkum. It took almost ten minutes to wend our way thru the Thousand Trails park's tight roads and low hanging trees to reach the park entrance on PA 660. From here on it should have been easy. Not!

It turned out that, due to construction on 660, we could not make the left turn that would have taken us directly to the I 80 eastbound on ramp. Instead, we had to head north, away from the Interstate. Two GPS units, a state road map, and two (we like to think) experienced road warriers, twenty minutes, and a dozen miles later we finally got to I 380 and took it south to I 80. Not the most auspicious start to the day.

From there we headed downhill (literally) into Stroudsburg. There was road work along the way so Bob got to dodge Jersey Barriers, his very favorite pasttime. We crossed the Delaware River at the Delaware Water Gap and entered New Jersey. No "Welcome to New Jersey" sign. An omen? We did, however, find a New Jersey Welcome Center where we stopped to pick up a current state road map.

Twenty-seven miles later we exited the Interstate and took a local tertiary road to Fla Net RV park. The road was very narrow, hilly, curvey, with many low hanging trees. Bob managed to navigate all that with no damage. We pulled up to the Fla Net office at 1040, and hour and forty minutes to travel 59 miles.

Opening the door to exit the coach we realized that our entry step was extended. That was not at all good as the step is designed to retract when the engine is running and the entry door is closed. Neither of us noted that it didn't retract at the Welcome Center. We were lucky that the extended step didn't hit anything. Another repair item for the ever-growing repair list.

When we went to register we learned that the site we were assigned when we made our reservations last November had been given to someone else. Our "new" site was much smaller and we weren't certain we could get satellite television thru the nearby trees. Turns out that the coach fit in OK and we were able to tune into all three of the Dish Network satellites.

Today's drive was 59 miles with a detour-induced fuel economy of 6½ mpg.

Once settled we had leftovers for lunch. Around 1400 we drove to Sandi's brother's home and picked up four months worth of mail. We took over their dining room table to sort thru everything. Not all that much that we didn't already know about, so we were finished in short order.

We were asked to stay for dinner, which we did. Back to the coach around 2100. We were tired "campers" and fell into bed. Unpacking and settling down will wait till tomorrow...

We will be in New Jersey for a month visiting Sandi's family. Our plan is to keep this current by updating it with our busy social schedule every few days. Keep coming back to learn what we've been up to in "The Pothole State".

Tue, 22 May: Lotsa family time...

We've been here a week now and have spent just about every day visiting with family. May seems to be "birthday month" in these parts so there are celebrations galore. And, our sis Nancy loves to host "summary" parties during which all birthday/anniversary/etc. events are recognized. This year's will take place next Monday as part of the Memorial Day gathering.

Our being here doesn't interfere with "life". Our sis Nancy spent four days in Geneva Switzerland on business. Bro Meyer & Sis-in-law Sue drove to Chicago to be part of some events in the Windy City. Today, Nancy & bro-in-law Shel fly to Huntsville to be with their son's family. Busy, busy, busy...

Sunday we attended a birthday party at our niece's place. Celebrating their eldest's fifth birthday. Bouncy castle, keg of beer, all the food that would fit on a grill, and hundreds (well, it seemed like that many) of kiddies. Total sensory overload...

The weather has been pretty crappy most of our stay. With the exception of yesterday (Monday) it has rained every day. Gloomy also. Thankfully, the temps have been coolish so we've been running the heat more than the air conditioning.

Wed, 30 May: More family time...

It has been a busy week since our last update. The vast majority of our time was spent doing one of two things; visiting with family and/or catching up on our "life" after four months out of the country.

The latter consisted of reconciling all of our accounts, reviewing and going thru our accumulated mail, and starting on our 2017 income taxes (In January we filed an extension.)

Our family visits were more fun. We've been feted with dinner invitations from both our brother & sister. During the week we also celebrated brother Meyer's birthday and his bride, Susan's, birthday. Not to mention several more birth anniversary celebrations for nieces and grand niece/nephew.

Big celebrations included a birthday party at niece Nannah's place with almost 100 folks of all ages attending. That celebrated both of their children's birthdays (five and three). On Memorial Day sis Nancy had a BBQ with thirty+ folks. It is nonstop around here.

We've also been busy trying to get our coach back in shape. Not sure if it was Carpe's long hibernation or what but things have been going "pear shaped" around here. Our entry steps don't retract reliably, the house a/c unit sometimes acts up, we found a water leak during a recent rainstorm. We're working on all these, but it just seems to be coming in droves.

One day the three siblings (Sandi & her bro & sis) plus spouses drove into Wilkes-Barre PA to visit our parents gravesites. This is a "must" trip every time we visit, and it is always a bittersweet experience with some tears and many, many laughs. Tomorrow should be no exception.

Tue, 12 June: Still more family time...

Goodness, almost two weeks since our last update. Shame on us! We've been very busy keeping up with our family. They're busy, busy, busy folks, constantly juggling family, work, volunteer obligations, etc. It is no wonder they're stressed.

Some of the highlights during the past two weeks... On Monday, 03 Jun we attended a talk by two holocaust survivors. It was a talk to middle school students organized by our sister in law. She invited us to observe. It was very, very moving.

We had lunch with Mary Jane and Frank Peloso at their beautiful home in nearby Stanhope. We met the Pelosos at Bar Harbor in 2011 and have stayed in touch. They're RVers and we spent an afternoon catching up. The very best part of RVing is the people we meet along our travels.

Of course we ate, ate, and ate! From the famous New Jersey diners to some places we found on our own, we didn't go hungry. On a day trip to Pennsylvania to scout out a Thousand Trails park north of Stroudsburg we found a Cluck-U chicken outlet. We love this regional chain for their excellent chicken wings. We also had some first rate Hong Kong-style Dim Sum at the Noodle Wong in Parsippany.

We're nearing the end of our month-long stay. We're "outta heah" on Friday. It'll be bittersweet. We'll miss our family, of course. But we won't miss the hectic pace of life in New Jersey. It is just too frantic for us so we're looking forward to some laid back environments.

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