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Banff Gondola

Banff Fairmont Hotel

Banff in the valley

Rockies View

Rockies View 2

Bow Valley View

Bow River

Bow Falls 2

Lake Louise Fairmont Hotel

Lake Louise 2

Lake Louise 3

Lake Louise 4

Lake Moraine

Lake Moraine 2

Castle Mountain

Lake Johnson

Bighorn Sheep

Bighorn Sheep 2

Lake Minnewanka

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Lake Louise

Well we’ve been in Banff now for 4 of 5 days. Banff is a beautiful tourist town and the gateway to Banff National Park. Our first excursion was up Sulphur Mountain on a Gondola. Amazing 360 degree views. The large building is the Fairmont Hotel. The observation platform is at about 7500’. The evening was a quick stroll down Main Street.

The second day was supposed to be a short scooter ride down a scenic highway. I underestimated my gasoline but fortunately we made it to Lake Louise. We had at least half a pint left . RULE 1—Always make sure your tank is full in Canada. Anyway, we were going to Lake Louise at some time. It is said by many that Lake Louise may be the most beautiful view in all of the Rockies. I think they are right. It is a hard place to get to. It is so popular that they can only handle a very small % of the vehicles in their parking lot. Don’t worry though, they have remote parking and shuttle service only 6 miles away. The scooter paid off again. Even if you have to park remotely, it’s worth it.

We then went to Lake Moraine for another great view.


On Thursday, we drove to Lake Minnewanka and Lake Johnson. The angle of the sun wasn't good for phones but it again was a beautiful scene. Lots of Bighorn Sheep on the lake road also.

Tomorrow is a day of relaxation. On Saturday we head north again through the Ice Fields. Should be fun.

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