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Dewey, AZ - Orchard Ranch RV Resort - site 15

Dewey, AZ - Orchard Ranch RV Resort - site 15, another view

Dewey, AZ - Orchard Ranch RV Resort - site 15, and another

Dewey, AZ - Orchard Ranch RV Resort - site 203

Dewey, AZ - Orchard Ranch RV Resort - site 203, another view

Dewey, AZ - Orchard Ranch RV Resort - site 203, and another

Wiliams to Dewey, AZ - our route - 79 miles

Williams to Dewey, AZ - snow starting to come down pretty good...

Wiliams to Dewey, AZ 1 - as we got back on I-40,...

Williams to Dewey, AZ 2 - lots of snow

Williams to Dewey, AZ 3

Williams to Dewey, AZ 4

Williams to Dewey, AZ 5

Williams to Dewey, AZ 6 - snow on the windshield

Williams to Dewey, AZ 7 - but the highway was clear as...

Williams to Dewey, AZ 8 - sure glad the road is not...

Williams to Dewey, AZ 9

Williams to Dewey, AZ 10 - as we get to the bottom...

Williams to Dewey, AZ 11 - now on 89 south

Williams to Dewey, AZ 12 - one of the round-a-bouts between Chino...

Williams to Dewey, AZ 13 - some of the valley as we...

Williams to Dewey, AZ 14 - some of the surrounding mountains

Williams to Dewey, AZ 15 - one of the nicer homes we...

Our trip down from Williams to Dewey, AZ (just south of Prescott and Prescott Valley) consumed 79 miles, about a third of it on I-40 in the snow before we reduced our elevation, got out of the snow, and turned south on AZ-89.

The next day after getting here we made a trip to our original destination to see what was going on. Apparently this site was a new installation and still needed inspection and a permit issued. The Yavapai county office is way behind and will not give a time estimate for the permit issue (which normally takes about two or three days according to the park manager) so we are doomed to exercise our flexibility in finding places to stay.

We spent Friday touring the different possibilities in Prescott but there is no room in the inn for a coach our size. By the time we got back to our current park (Orchard Ranch RV Resort), it's office was closed so we couldn't talk to them until Monday. Most park offices here are closed over the weekend so we needed to wait until Monday to continue our quest. I spent the rest of Friday and a good bit of Saturday researching the possibilities all the way back up to Flagstaff and Williams - slim pickings for long-term stays.

Today I went back to our current park office, not long after they opened, and they offered me a month in one of the sites at the back of the park. We jumped on it and I went on a walk-about to see what it looked like. It was nestled nicely in the trees and was a fairly large site so I walked back to the office and asked if it was available for longer than the month I had already agreed to. Turns out this was one of the sites they expected to put a park model on and hadn't done so yet. The park manager was consulted and agreed we could have it until October 1 -yea, yea, yea!!!! This was what I had asked for in November and had been fumbling around for six months trying to get something similar.

So we spent the afternoon moving from our prior site and getting all setup on the new site, which we love. The only thing wrong with it is the absence of a picnic table. When I asked the park manager about getting a table, she said they were not doing tables in the monthly sites any more - when they broke, they were not being replaced. Oh well, we will see if we can manage. After the last week of utter frustration we will do whatever we need in respects to a table. :)

Since we are here and settled for five months, we will only be posting periodically as the events dictate, probably about twice a month.

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