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Before Spring Break - Mostly Empty

Lux Development Nearby

Egyptian Geese

Mountain Laurel - Flowers Smell Like Grape

Waterpark in Campground

Fishing for Supper

Dead Baby Snake on our trail

If you've never been to Texas, it has an attitude and manners that a lot of the rest of the country just doesn't. One of the diners we frequent plays contemporary Christian music all the time. If a Denver diner did that, they'd no doubt be sued. We get waved at all the time when we're out driving the back roads. We were approaching the drive-thru at McDonald's the other day to get coffee. When a woman drove up at the same time we did, we let her go in front of us. She, in turn, paid for our coffees. It's so refreshing to be a part of this culture for a few months each year. We had our final pot luck of the season last Thursday. I made a simple pasta salad. About 75% of the Winter Texans have gone home. While we ate that night, the spring break rigs were already starting to come in. By yesterday afternoon, all but a very few sites were full. We always chuckle that absolutely none of the Winter Texans use golf carts, but almost every Spring Break RV site and cabin has one. Yesterday was hot - in the low 90's, and we learned just how much the RV circuits can handle. Both air conditioners were on, along with the toaster oven and the microwave. We have 50 amp power at our site, but it was still too much, and we popped the circuit breaker. So, my oven and microwave have to take turns from now on. We took another hike at the newly discovered state park across town. This hike was about 3 miles. It was early afternoon, and utterly silent. No birds or any other sign of life. It felt sort of eerie. We found lots of fruit scat and fur scat on the trail and decided that this park must really come alive at night. Then we got back and heard a story from a camper here that made my skin crawl. She said she was walking her dog along the river trail around 10pm a couple of nights ago. There is a small (8'x6') limestone rocked dock next to the trail, with steps going down into the river. She was walking near it when a cottonmouth came out from in between the steps. Apparently, things come alive here at night, too!

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