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Dutch windmill in the park in Wamego

NOT a flat prairie

Kansas River

The end of the monarch butterfly migration

Michael and dad

We all slept in again this morning and enjoyed a late breakfast. Then piled into the truck to go check out Mike's yard for a possible move, but it was a no go. Then we got back into the truck to drive around a bit to see what had changed since we had been there last. Michael suggested we take a walk on the Konza Prairie hiking trail, so we did, and enjoyed it thoroughly. Don't ever let anyone tell you how flat Kansas is; we hiked up some fairly steep hills! After a summer of riding around all day it was a pleasure to finally do some walking, even though I complained about the hills. Michael kept pace with me and didn't laugh too much. It was good to spend some time with him! As usual, he came back to our place for dinner. We grilled steaks in our scenic parking lot. A good ending to the day.

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