Following Hurricane Matthew - Winter 2017 travel blog

The weatherman said that to have a White Christmas, you have to have at least an inch of snow. After one of the coldest snowiest Decembers we can remember, a warm front came through and took that 2+ feet of snow right down, leaving barely that inch for Christmas Day. The sump pump in the basement was working hard. The warmth made taking down the outdoor decorations SO much easier. It's hard to wind up those stiff wires when the temperature is well below freezing. It felt a bit Scroogey to be taking the Christmas tree down so soon, but there were no more planned events to hold us at home, so we packed it all up and hit the road.

The warm temperatures made the drive today very easy. As we drove past the empty cornfields of Indiana, we remembered the blowing and drifting snow that made the trip a challenge a few years ago. Once we got south of Indianapolis the traffic grew increasingly heavy. We weren't sure why. There were no accidents and just a bit of construction. Perhaps we were mixing it up with other snow birds, revellers enjoying the holiday week and folks trying to get to work. We're expecting the traffic to stay heavy until we get into Florida when it will split between folks heading to the Gulf Coast and people like us heading toward the Atlantic. We could get bogged down driving through Atlanta, but there's a motor home with our bed and belongings waiting for us whenever we do get there. One more hard driving day. The Florida weather forecast looks wonderful.

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