Linda Down the Road 2016 travel blog

Off to see the dinosaurs






The best part of the museum. Riding your own dinosaur.







Oh my gosh...they're after us!!!

Route 66 musuem


WINs lunch at the Tucumcari Ranch Supply wirh "Harry"

. Do you think Harry will notice me??

Off to the wind turbine school

One of the only schools with its own wind turbine. This is...

Looking to the top of the turbine from the inside.

More than 40 murals in and around Tucumcari. Some are in restaurants...

Mural on side of building

On ceiling of a restaurant bathroom...LOL


One way to get around Tucumcari

Who would have thought there was so much to do in Tucumcari, New Mexico!!

Off we went to the Mesalands Dinosaur Museum. The unique thing about this museum is the majority of skeletons have been cast in bronze, which makes them last longer then resin replicas, and visitors can interact through touch. A foundry located at the College makes it monetarily feasible to use bronze.

One of the highlights of this leg of the journey was a gentleman named Andy Swap, who was the head teacher at the Wind Institute. It is his job to teach students to maintain and repair wind turbines. We spent over two hours learning how the turbines work, and what is required to become a wind turbine tech. This particular school is one of the few that has a wind turbine on the property. One thing for sure, you had better be in shape and not afraid of heights.

Tucumcari is unique for it's murals, 40 or more that are spread all over town. We spent the afternoon on a hunt for all the murals, some being beautiful works of art on the side of a building, and some we found in the bathroom in a restaurant, that showed the more comic side of their personality.

One thing for sure, you left Tucumcari, with the song "Route 66", ringing in your ears.

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