Where in the world are Wayne and Donna going this time?? travel blog

Wayne liked this signage at this place plus all the seductive mannequins...

Donna braving the elements (and possible fish attacks!)

the soft, white sands of Tulum beach

what's not to like about being a beach bum!

beautiful sculpture at the foot of Juarez Zocalo......

entering on to the beach

the nicest beach in PDC - and yes the water is Caribbean...

the top balcony is ours - what a great spot here

Wayne recharging his batteries after a long run - Donna probably doing...

from our balcony there is Wayne doing laps - well one lap...

Our days in Playa del Carmen have been spent wandering, as we always do, with the added fun of looking for accommodation for one night. In all our previous trips to wherever we have ventured we have been lucky, I suppose, in finding good places to stay (for the most part!). The Yucatan seems to be the exception to this rule as the places have been fine but several times we have not been able to extend our stay beyond a night or two. So if we like the town we have to hit the streets to find another hostel or motel. This has been the case in Playa. Fortunately for us the owner of the first place we stayed had a friend with a condo that we could move to but there was one night in between the two places that we were homeless. Hence the last post where Donna was hampering our efforts by dripping on everyone's sparkling clean floors! However we did manage to find a one nighter and not have to resort to the "park bench" option that seemed to be the only one presenting itself!

Accommodation settled we could get down to the business of getting some beach and pool time in before heading back to the less than tropical climate of Vancouver Island. We jumped on the colectivo to Tulum one day for a great day of snooping around the town. As Tulum is not actually on the ocean we took a cab from town to the beach for 3 hours of sun and surf. It was very nice and we both have flourecent tummies to prove we did the full shift. In truth Donna might still be there if Waynes whimpering "I’m too hot", "It’s too sunny", "There are too many topless women here" hadn’t kept her from dropping off. An always interesting ride home on the colectivo and we rinsed off in our pool. Ahhhh this feels like real holidays!

In our wanderings one night we went to the plaza to watch the Carnaval entertainment. They had a huge stage and different groups would come out and dance up a storm while monstorous speakers pumped out music. We were 100 feet back and you could actually feel the bass it was so loud. Very colorful costumes and energetic dances but we have a very low threshold for Mexican music. Love the country and the people but the music......not so much.

It turns out that our condo in Playacar is easily the best place we have stayed during this trip. There is a very nice pool shared by nine units but we have only seen 4 other folks in the water the whole time we have been here. Donna has the choice of relaxing on a chaise lounge or an air matress in the pool - it IS a tough life!!! There is a palapus (palm fronds roofed shelter) so you can move out of the sun if it gets too hot. The nicest beach we have seen in the Yucatan is about a 6 minute walk from here. Every morning we are greeted with a lovely presentation of fruit, cereal, juice, yogurt and bread along with ham and cheese for our free brecky. What is left after breakfast goes in fridge so can be eaten for lunch. There is also a full kitchen for making our supper if we choose so perfect for us. We have a large room on the second floor with a sitting terrace overlooking the pool. We even have a huge Jacuzzi tub in our bathroom - not using that amenity much! Pretty swanky for the cheapskate Turners.

Our days consist of beach in morning and pool in afternoon with a quick trip out for groceries sometime before supper. It isn’t without some issues though as I have lost Donna twice. We agreed to jog around the circle road of our complex, rumoured to be 5k. So we decide to head off in opposite directions and we should pass each other where the golf course crosses the road. I still haven’t spotted Donna at the halfway mark but figure she may have turned back as it was turning out to be much longer than we were led to believe. I finally trudge up to the house and.....no Donna. Maybe the house cleaner was still here and let her into the pool area as I was carrying our only key - no Donna. I sat on the steps looking for her to come along thinking maybe she hurt herself but with no idea where she might be. Finally 30 minutes later she chugs up after getting turned around on one of the side streets. I figure she ran more than 10 k’s to get home.

The next day we are on beach and I take a walk to town leaving Donna on her towel, book in hand. I return and.......no Donna. Book, glasses and shoes are still on her towel and our room key is there as well so I know she didn’t head to condo. Hmmm finally I hear the couple beside me speaking English so ask if Donna was there when they arrived. The guy says he saw Donna but she got up and went for a swim but didn’t return as far as he knew. These folks are from Kelowna and we chat about travel for 40 minutes..........still no Donna. Finally I ask them to watch our stuff and head down the beach and there she comes walking along not even knowing she was lost! I did not want to have to call the kids and tell them I had lost their Mother!!!

Last day today - broken cloud this morning as has been the case for our whole trip to the Yucatan. It's time to go downstairs for breakfast and head to the beach as it appears we won't be basking in 20+ degree sunshine at the beach again for some time to come! Thanks for coming along on this journey with us. Thanks for the comments you have posted on our blog. Thanks for being our friends!!!!!!!!

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