Our Adventure in Spain and Portugal 2015 travel blog

Off down a narrow street

Poseidon with his trident

The Cathedral


The organ with horizontal pipes

The Royal Chapel where Ferdinand and Isabella are buried.

Churros and chocolate.

A great restaurant

Annes entree



The crowd


A glass of dessert wine at the end

We slept late today in a recovery mode after the intense Alhambra tour yesterday. Our plan was to visit the Cathedral of Granada which is the second largest in Spain and where Ferdinand and Isabella are buried. It was not a long walk and we cut through a square with a statue of Poseidon with his trident adorning a tall fountain. Photos were not allowed in the Cathedral, but Tom snuck a few to give the sense of the size and ornateness of this edifice. (You should have seen the other people brazenly using flash and making vides!) The organs were especially unique with horizontal pipes extending over the seating area. The Royal Chapel where the king and queen are buried is in another part of the Cathedral with a separate entry fee administrated by another religious order. After examining each part of the Cathedral, we stopped for a light lunch of churros and chocolate. Dinner was at a nice restaurant and we prepared for our drive to Seville and our flight to Lisbon the next day.

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