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Thursday, 23rd.

Determined to find bikes, we asked at the office as we were leaving, where we might be able to do this. He gave us some convoluted instructions and off we went. Somehow we found ourselves in a large parking lot adjacent to a mall – no sports stores. On our way out of this parking lot we discovered that we were too tall. This was discovered when we hit a height entry barrier, (Bill called them a pain in the ass etc.) and clonked our way through. There was some damage to the little sky light above the cab, nothing significant.

By luck and or skill we found the bike store. An hour later I had an electric bike but unfortunately they didn’t have one for Bill so he settled for one without!!! We strapped them onto our bike rack and headed south.

We hopped on A 5 and drove through Troyes, Dijon, and Lyon. As we passed through the countryside grape vines appeared, and fields of ripening Canola. Beautiful square fields of it just like in the western prairies except it wasn’t flat land!!

Lyon was quite an exciting city for us. We found ourselves lost at 5pm. We were driving along on the Thruway listening to Richard (our Tom Tom voice, without whom I am sure we would be in Tibet by now) making the appropriate turns when all of a sudden we were on a 4 lane blvd, along the Rhone in the center of Lyon.

Richard was yelling at us to make a u turn at the next intersection, he obviously had no idea where we were. We certainly couldn’t or wouldn’t make a U-turn at Young and Bloor (a very busy intersection in Toronto). A few miles later Bill said what the hell and followed a little car making an illegal turn. Voila, no sirens and Richard was happy.

Next crisis, Bill was forced to take a lane marked Buses only, no other option, so now we are a bus. This route took us up and up through a Bus Terminal around a few floors and down again. People were looking at us strangely – understandably. Finally the exit approached and Richard had us back on track. Thank goodness for The Netherland “tags”.

They would never suspect it was Canadians on board.

Nightfall was approaching so we decided to camp at a huge truck stop Just north of Valence, France.

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