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Beach at Playa del Carmen

Finally, a clue to finding our hotel

View of the plaza at lunch

Cathedral on the plaza

Sunday 3/8

The tour officially ended this morning, and we are on our own. The breakfast was at a related hotel five blocks away, so we opted to sleep in, and walk down to the beach instead. We stopped at a little store for some yogurt and snacks for breakfast before heading over to the bus station for the ride to the Cancun airport where we picked up the car. The bus was quite luxurious and had video screens with a Cirque de Soleil performance to entertain us on the ride. We got a taxi over to Alamo for the rental car where I felt like I signed my life away. The insurance was way more than the rental. We got a little Volkswagen Golf sedan, and I get to re-acquaint myself with a stick shift.

We opted for the toll road for a quick trip to Valladolid. It was back down the green tunnel with little or no break in the trees on each side. It was a challenge to keep my speed at 110 kph, with the long straight road ahead. Several others were not bothering to restrict themselves!

Leaving the toll road, we headed into Valladolid to find our hotel. The GPS told us we were there, but we didn’t see any sign. We circled around a couple of times (narrow one-way streets) before we finally saw the sign the hotel parking and pulled in. We checked in, and had lunch at the restaurant before a little siesta time. We managed to drink a whole pitcher of limonada (limeade) between us; we were thirsty!

The hotel is right on the central plaza, so we went out for a late afternoon stroll around the plaza. We checked out the Cathedral where mass had just finished. Being Sunday, there were lots of folks out enjoying the evening, live music in the park and the trees in the plaza were filled with very chatty birds. As we walked back across the plaza I saw the hotel sign—it was on the roof, totally invisible from the street directly in front of it!

There is a time zone change here; we lost an hour yesterday, and got it back today. As long as we figure out the right time the day we head to the airport, it will be fine.

It was nice to have a day of rest after the fast pace of the tour. We’re looking forward to not needing an alarm clock for a while!

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