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This morning in Bible class we saw the first half of a very interesting discussion on video about the “Bethlehem star”. Mr. Larson, an attorney, became interested in learning as much as he possibly could about the stars in hopes of coming to a reasonable conclusion about what the Bethlehem star actually was and when it appeared over Bethlehem. Using some very sophisticated computer programs, which scientists also use to view the heavens at a particular time in the past, he came to the conclusion that it was a conjunction of Jupiter and Venus. He believes that Jesus was born probably in the year 4 BC and, by the time the Magi came to visit him in Bethlehem, it was about 2 BC. We will see the rest of the video next Sunday.

After church Larry and Linda Seelke came to my place to deliver the little chest of drawers they had given me for helping with their estate sale last week end. Unfortunately, it would not work as I had envisioned it, so they took it back. However, Larry repaired the drawer in the chest I already have and Linda re-arranged the overhead cabinet above my dinette so that my stash of freeze-dried foods could be put up there. They had been under the table in a large plastic container where I had trouble reaching them. Now I can get to them more easily.

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