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Entrance to the Panacocha Preserve


Freddy signs us in

Hanging weaver bird nests

Freddy looks for wildlife



Our new guide, Avel

The Dolphin River Lodge



Off on a hike

A giant Kapok tree

Look down

Leaf cutter ants

Leaf cutter ant

Be sure to watch the movie



Champaign mushroom



Back to the canoe

The Anakonda

Second floor lounge

Stairway to first floor

Small boutique

Main deck where we depart for exploration

Lower level



One of the two electrical generators

One of the two drive engines


Refrigerator in kitchen

They should stick to making pens

Dining room

Wine Selection





Top deck


Sun deck

Wheel house or bridge

Forward deck

Looking down to lower deck

Our room

Neat shower in our bathroom

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Leaf cutter ants

Lazy Sunday (May 18) A Tour of the Ship

We got to sleep in today and tried to use the internet to post some of our adventures to this trip journal. However, it was a great opportunity to capture images of the interior of the Anakonda. Maurice left for Quito for his 10 days off and we got a new captain, Fausto plus a family of 5 celebrating their son’s 30th birthday. So now there are 9 passengers.

Dolphin Lake Lodge (May 19)

Today a single destination with multiple activities with lunch out “in the wild” was planned. Well, the “wild” is an exaggeration since we made our base a wilderness lodge, the Dolphin Lake Lodge. It was a short walk to the main building and the 4 hammocks were a welcome sight after sitting in the motorboat. Our servers and chef immediately began to set the table and prepare the bar-b-q. This lodge was not occupied at the time and a watchman was the only human there during the times that the Anakonda or its sister ship the Manatee visited. He was on 22 days and off 8. Most of us said that routine and isolation alone would drive us crazy! We sat down to lunch and after a short siesta, most of the group headed out for a jungle hike. Tom and Anne stayed behind since rubber boots were required for the hike and they were very uncomfortable for long periods of hiking. Rain showers continued to fall on and off and between them, Rene (the first officer) led Anne and Tom on a mini hike (with the rubber boots) which was very rewarding with leaf cutting ants, a giant kapok tree and the most beautiful champagne cup mushroom. The main group returned and soon we were heading back to the Anakonda for another delicious dinner.

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