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Dodgeville, WI - Tom's Campground - site 56

Dodgeville, WI - Tom's Campground - site 56, another view

Dodgeville, WI - Tom's Campground - site 56, and another

Stevens Point to Dodgeville, WI 0 - our route - 163 miles

Stevens Point to Dodgeville, WI 1 - a lot more farming done...

Stevens Point to Dodgeville, WI 2 - lots and lots of corn

Stevens Point to Dodgeville, WI 3 - and we crossed the Wisconsin...

Stevens Point to Dodgeville, WI 4 - and corn again

Stevens Point to Dodgeville, WI 5 - the usual construction

Stevens Point to Dodgeville, WI 6

Stevens Point to Dodgeville, WI 7

Stevens Point to Dodgeville, WI 8 - Southwest Wisconsin is very hilly

Stevens Point to Dodgeville, WI 9 - with lots of small dairies...

Stevens Point to Dodgeville, WI 10 - downtown Dodgeville

Stevens Point to Dodgeville, WI 11

Stevens Point to Dodgeville, WI 12

Taliesin 1 - the Wisconsin River as viewed from the visitor center

Taliesin 2 - the meeting room at the architecture school

Taliesin 3 - the dormitory and design room wing at the school

Taliesin 4 - the theater at the school

Taliesin 5 - one wing of the home about a half-mile from...

Taliesin 6 - the home is built on the side of a...

Taliesin 7

Taliesin 8 - the surrounding countryside

Taliesin 9 - Peonies in the garden

Taliesin 10

Taliesin 11 some of the out buildings

House on the Rock 1 - a lot of these on the...

House on the Rock 2 - the Japanese garden

House on the Rock 3 - a view from the Infinity Room...

House on the Rock 4 - the view of the forest below...

House on the Rock 5 - the roof of the Infinity Room

House on the Rock 6 - one of the many huge mechanical...

House on the Rock 7 - the largest carousel in the world

House on the Rock 8 - one of the snow sleighs

House on the Rock 9 -we have never seen so many organ...

House on the Rock 10 - the doll carousel

House on the Rock 11- and about a million doll houses

House on the Rock 12

House on the Rock 13 - a circus complete with spectators

House on the Rock 14 - elephants and beautiful girls

House on the Rock 15 - and more flower pots

Our trip from Stevens Point to Dodgeville, WI was 163 miles of pretty good road (mostly Interstate 39) except for about 15 miles just south of Madison, the capital of Wisconsin, where they have the road under heavy construction. The countryside became more and more agricultural with lots of cornfields and dairies. They are much smaller than we are used to seeing, looking to be only 40-50 acres though they may be much larger in reality.

We are staying at Tom's Campground a few miles east of Dodgeville, WI. We have what is designed as a small side-by-side hookup site but they only put people in every other site so it works out OK. We have a 50 pull-through with water. The dump is on the way out. Surprisingly, Verizon is very strong, though the data is very erratic, and the satellite was an easy sighting.

Today we had a long day visiting Taliesin and The House on a Rock. We had reserved at Teliesin for 10:15 so it was up bright and early to be there on time. Taliesin was the main home of Frank Lloyd Wright and was referred to as Taliesin East since he also had Taliesin West built in 1937 in Scottsdale, AZ. It is also called Taliesin III since the first two burned in the early 20th century. We could only take pictures of the external structure so not many pictures. The tour was great and was led by a very knowledgeable guide. It took a little over two hours and a good bit of walking to see it.

We then went to House on the Rocks about 10 minutes away and spent over three hours going through it. There are three tours going through separate parts of the estate. One actually explores the house itself and was pretty exhausting going up and down several stairs over an hour's time. The other two were also very long exploring the different memorabilia the owner has collected over many years. All of these exhibits are very large and take up floor to ceiling in 20-30 feet high rooms. Many of them are music machines which can be activated in some cases with tokens received with your ticket or purchased extra. Some just play on their own as viewers get close. One was a full concert orchestra of about 50 pieces. These display rooms had just about anything you could imagine from dollhouses to Gatling guns. By the time we got through all of these, I know we had walked at least four or five miles around all of these huge rooms. I was tired and Doris was exhausted and barely making it to the end. We came back to the Mothership and just collapsed.

Tomorrow we head for northern Illinois so we can see some stuff in south Wisconsin. I know that doesn't make much sense but the best campground we could find in the area just happened to be over the line in Illinois. We will be staying at Rock Cut State Park and, though it is in a metropolitan area, are not sure how good of cell service we will have since the campground is in the middle of it.

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