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Richard, Pat, Heather and Gary at Jamieson's Steak House (formerly Garth Y...

Wednesday April 16

We woke earlier but both of us showered and we did not sit down to eat breakfast till quite late. Richard left for work and we sat for a while to talk with Pat while our second load of laundry was washing. After all the laundry had been placed on the line, Pat called Ruth Minter to see if a visit from us was in order. John was having a few problems and Ruth was a bit flustered so we decided to wait until tomorrow for a visit.

We drove into Cardigan to visit Brondesbury Lodge where Heather' mother had resided. A few of the staff that we had come to know over the years were still there and were pleased to see us. Later we bought baguette sandwiches and drove to Aberporth in the early afternoon. After finishing our lunch by he sea, we took a walk around the harbour and of all coincidences we found Dave (of Sally and Dave) working in the garden of a house at the top of cliff on the north side of the harbour. We stopped to chat for a while and said we would telephone them later.

Driving back to Pat and Richards, we stopped briefly at Mr. Sallis's general store to say hello. Although he is getting on in years, he seems to be hanging on and was quite cheery. Back at Pat and Richard's, it was Richard who was home as he was having trouble with his van. We had a cup of tea outside and the Gary and I went In to put our feet up. Later I fetched the washing off the line, then we all got ready to go out for dinner.

Richard drove us to Aberporth to a newly opened restaurant called Jamieson's Steakhouse (formerly a nice restaurant that we frequented quite often, called Garth Y Nos). The experience was a bit of a disappointment as both Pat and Heather both had really poor quality pieces of meat. In the end, we were not charged for any of the fillet steaks. The rest of the meal was fine.

Back home we chatted for a while before heading to bed.

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