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The street of our homestay

Taken to our home stay and get one room (AC) with a bathroom attached. The lady of the house was nice but the guy a bit opinionated and not pleasant. Dinner of red snapper and rice, fruit, squash, and fried potatoes (wasn’t great – fish very dry). Guy comes out and starts talking at us about his experiences and his attempts to get to the US. Rather racist but actually in favor of the revolution and opposed to the US system. Long conversation – almost a lecture. Finally back to the room and decide to go to Casa de la Troba…

Wonderful music! Have trouble when we first get there because we had to move from table to table. Finally figured out how it all works with the help of Mercedes the server. Very nice woman! Try to move to a place to hear the music. “Can we move to a place that doesn’t stink?” Finally get o see the show and listen to the traditional Cuban/Caribbean music – Daiquiri and mojito. Ella shows Mercedes the cigars I bought at Las Tunas. She said “This is shit” and threw them away, then gave us some really nice new ones! Listen to many sets and get a bit drunk. Dance one dance. Beautiful music. Back at 12:30 and lady lets us in. Not the best home stay.

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