Warwick n Wendy's Wayward Wanderings, 2013-2014 travel blog

Pelican was saved from fishing line caught in its beak by one...

This is what we see as we walk around this area -...

More stunning foliage

This road had a sign at the turn that read '11'4' referring...

What colors!

Another lovely flower, sorry I didn't get it without the truck

This is the spanish moss that hangs on many of the trees...

The colors are captivating

There are so many different kinds of trees

So much beauty in a small space

My favorites are these trees - they are amazing with their intricate,...

Another great tree

Best of all - our 'fan' tree (our name for it)

One afternoon at the beach, we saw some kite surfers

They were great to watch

Here's one that came to shore -then he scooted right off again,...

The 4 kite surfers, continuing down (south) on the beach

Warwick, with our new friend, George, finally had his swim. Too windy...

Location: Still in Velcro (Vero) Beach!

Weather: Today the high will be 74, partly sunny/partly cloudy, some chance of rain, wind down from yesterday's 20-25 knots

Boat names:

** Sea Major

** Cgull Seeker

'Tis the season to reflect on our good fortune and having such wonderful family and friends is the most important. Thank you all for the ways you enrich our lives.

This season, being here in this lush part of Florida, also makes us aware of the bounty of the earth and the pleasure it gives us. There is a picture from National Geographic in the Boater's Lounge of what the world may look like in the future if the ice melts, and in it Florida is totally under water. This transformation is occurring on 'our watch', and we can do something about it.

We're rowing ashore about 1pm for a pot-luck Christmas dinner with about 15-20 other boats that are in the mooring field and/or the marina (about 30-40 people we guess).

We hope you are all enjoying your holidays in whatever way you celebrate them and we wish you a healthy, peaceful and pleasurable New Year.

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